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Get an edge on other buyers by doing your due diligence process quickly with a standardized process

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Collect data and notes

A full framework for serious site buyers

Centralize all information about listed websites in one place: listing descriptions, site statistics, financial figures, backlinks profile, custom notes, etc. Website Due Diligence is the leading application for website buyers.


Analyze & Investigate

Get a clear view of the history of any website

To make a good deal, understanding the full history of the reviewed websites is key. Website Due Diligence has all tools to analyze sites for sale. Apply forensic techniques to get the full picture and uncover what is hidden by the seller.

Assess & Rate

Standardize your buying process to make the good decision

Rate any aspect of the website. identify the strength and weaknesses, and see immediately the potential improvements that will increase the revenues on a short-term basis.


Getting started

The Due Diligence process

Collect data

Collect and import all the data needed for your analysis. Import traffic statistics from Google Analytics, Ahrefs backlinks, P&L files, Sitemaps, etc.

Analyze and investigate

Analyze the website by using the various integrated tools. Understand the full history of the reviewed website, and investigate any anomaly identified to uncover what is invisible for other buyers.

Rate and take a decision

Use the integrated checklist to rate the reviewed websites according to 50 criterias. Get a clear view of strengths, weaknesses, and potential quick-wins that would increase the revenues.


Once you buy a website, do the follow-up: note every change you make on the website, and continue to fill the Profits and Losses month-by-month which will ease - in the future - the potential sell of your website.

Features & Screenshots

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Enter accurate information about any website on sale
General information and basic financial data
Copy-paste the listing description
Enter each asset included with the sell
Add research background notes about the seller
Maintain a formalized logbook about the site
You’ll never do anymore something without write it
Especially useful when you become the new owner of the website
Includes a free space to enter any note
Chart analysis and detailed statistics
Display on a single chart all supported data to get an incredible insight about the website
Supports Google Analytics visits, Posts sitemaps, Google algorithm changes, Revenues and Expenses, etc.
Annotate the chart as you want to keep in mind everything
Access the detailed data in the “Events table”
Access detailed statistics about backlinks
Import and maintain the P&L (Profits & Losses) with ease
Import of the P&L Excel sheet (only Empire Flippers, more to come)
Once imported, the revenues and expenses can be displayed on the chart
Maintain the P&L on the long-run, especially if you acquire the website
Modify it as per as your needs
SOON: Export it to an Excel sheet
Automatic content analysis
Check automatically N random articles from the Sitemap
Display SEO statistics on these articles
Statistics on external links
View the evolution of the number of words
Check ALT attributes on images
Rate each aspect of the website, and define your short-term target
Among 50 criterias to rate with explanative text
Criterias are weighted according to their importance
Define also your short-term objectives if you buy the webste
Take notes on each criterias
SOON: Add additional controls and change the weight of each item
Integration with the Wayback machine
Check captures made by the Wayback Machine
Easy search of a past version of a blog post


What our early-customers say?

Website Due Diligence is a game-changer for professional website buyers. I think it’s the first and only application to invest efficiently in content websites.

David M.

Online investor and freelance SEO expert

It takes so much time to conduct a proper due diligence process. It’s far more easier now, and I like the charting tool provided, it makes things so easy to identify red flags!

Dimitri Caron

Growth Hacker

The first time I used Website Due Diligence, I had the feeling to be a forensic examiner. It’s amazing how you can understand the full history of the listed websites, and spot the good questions to ask to the seller!

Janus T.

CEO, WebInvest

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  • All the features
  • 5 websites per month
  • Premium support
$79 / month
Best for people who makes a living from buying and selling websites

  • All the features
  • Unlimited websites
  • Premium support
  • Custom development on request