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The domain name is generic enough

The domain name should not be too restrictive to allow you to expand the website to other linked niches.

As an example, prefer domain names like “” rather than “”

Check other TLD domains used

The main other TLD (.net, .org, .and the ccTLD of your country) must be checked to see if they can lead to interferences with your website.

Type the addresses in your browser to see if there are some other sites with another TLD, and see if they can interfere with your website.

Domain is clean from trademarks or brand names

Ensure that the domain name does not contain any trademark or brand name that may cause some legal issues in the future.

Do a Google Search and a USPTO search

Other domains redirecting to the website are part of the deal

A domain redirecting to the website may be an important source of traffic that would be lost if the domain is not included in the deal. So you need to check this point carefully.

It can be checked with Ahrefs:

  1. Go the menu Backlink profile / backlinks
  2. Click on More filters, Redirects and Redirect chain
  3. Review the list

Identify any potential domain redirecting to the website on sale, and ask the seller if it is part of the deal.

The niche is long term

Buying a fading website could be costly. Do not buy a website relying on a short-lived trend, or if it is time-dependent.

Use your common sense, and be careful with technologies as they may evolve quickly.